Saito and the Incorrigible Haru’s Ridiculous Tour

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Saito sees the Weather Machine in Portland for the First Time.

The Weather Machine

“It’s been said, by all manner of folks, really throughout forever, that it just rains too much in Portland.” The truck? rumbles across the Hawthorne bridge. “The thing that folks just don’t realize is that the weather machine here in town is broken. And what I mean to say, is that it is not simply… Read more »

Saito Wants to Make

Saito Kazamuzi and Hal Goesch Walk Into a Vacuum Cleaner Store.

Vacuum Cleaner History

Hal introduces Sito to the history of Vacuum Cleaners.

Saito and the Hole in the Ground

Site sees the sensibility of small parks.

Let’s Go to the Park!

Sito and Hal travel to the Leprechaun’s Park.

Let’s Get Started

Now Hal knows that Sito is really on board.

Hal Returns for The Adventure

Hal finds Sito after a good night’s sleep, and off they go.

Saito is Running Away

While riding with Haru, Saito has thoughts about home and what he’s running from.

Sito and the Incorrigible Haru’s Ridiculous Tour

Sito arrives in Portland only to immediately find himself a tour guide.