Wiki: Elsa Fibocin

Appears in Canto 14 of Untouchable — November 3, 2012


In which Jason regrets his actions and falls for her.

Appears in Canto 13 of Untouchable — November 1, 2012

Unannounced Bounce

In which Jason is merciless.

Appears in Canto 12 of Untouchable

Four Story Elsa

In which Jess tries to toughen Jason up.

Appears in Canto 5 of Untouchable — October 31, 2012

Being Near the Famous

In which Jason thinks about the naming of things and talking to stars.

Appears in Canto 9 of Untouchable — October 30, 2012

A Jason Gunn Original

In which Jason shows Elsa his studio and his work.

Appears in Canto 10 of Untouchable

Silence is…

In which Jason calls for Elsa but she cannot answer the phone.

Appears in Canto 6 of Untouchable — October 29, 2012

Second to Last Square in Hopscotch

In which Jason and Elsa meet for the first time (no thanks to that meddling Jess).

Appears in Canto 11 of Untouchable

A Letter From Elsa

In which Elsa writes a response to those who hate her.

Appears in Canto 7 of Untouchable

Letters to Elsa (3)

In which Elsa reads a message from someone who is not a fan.

Appears in Canto 1 of Untouchable

Blinding Adoration

In which Elsa and Jason attend an art show.