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He Is Witness

In which Jason stands on the beach and contemplates the stars.

The Many Miraculous Smiles of Dr. Z

In which Fletcher Davis is on the 6 train and is greatly disturbed by a poorly designed advertisement.

Illusions of Security

in which Gene Copeland begins the lecture to Emily Faulk that there is no protection.

A Dream of Proximate Resurrection

In which Hamilton has a heat-fevered dream of death threats from the world.

A Morbid Concern

In which Hamilton informs Dr. Richards of his strange neurological condition.

A Red Balloon

In which Gene attempts to disregard time itself.

A Ghost of Lennon Near Central Park

In which Gene is assaulted by a strange little thought and rectifies his reality.


In which Luna doubts but Noh raises the spirit of the troops.


In which New York City descends on one man: Eugene Copeland.

Heard Once

in which Reid understands Jacob for the first time.