Carousel Cowboy

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Nibbling At the Mushroom

In which Travis heads to a party all by his lonesome.

Don’t Move. It matters.

In which Melissa tells Travis that she will find him… just later.

I’ll manage better this time

In which Travis and Melissa walk downtown.

A Flirtation With Breakfast

In which Travis and Melissa see things as much brighter in the morning light.

I Only Wish It Was

In which Melissa discovers Absinthe’s one and only “talent.”

Laced Like Ivy Vines

In which Travis and Melissa comfort each other in the night and the morning.

The Outcome

In which Travis shocked to see the final product.

That Is/Was My Life

In which Travis discovers why Melissa is so upset.

This Is Where It Gets Better

In which Travis and Melissa get to know one another for the first time.

A Door Leading Right Into It

In which Travis runs into a surprising person–a raven if you will.