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The Insane Asylum

When you get an insane roommate because you are insane, it’s nice to get a not-so-insane roommate. They say, crazy people can’t be choppers!

Illusions of Security

in which Gene Copeland begins the lecture to Emily Faulk that there is no protection.

You will not approve, but pay attention because this is how it goes: You will not agree, but then you are poor and desperate and should not be paying attention to this message to those who have money. You are poor; so why is your voice important? How many decades have assured of the fact of your poverty? Now you can, and only now can you STOP IT.

Obama is here to save you. You must believe.

Yes, We can.

The First Star That I Find

Travis makes the acquaintance of Melissa Keller.

You Should Say What You Mean

In which Ian, Nick and Travis discuss feeling dumb, food, insecurities, and the possibility of drinking for a living.

Everything That Begins With M

In which the origins of the Montego are told.

Half Past One, Time for Dinner!

In which Ian and Travis rouse the gang for brunch at the Bluebird Cafe.

A Talkin’ Dog!?

In which Travis tells Melissa a joke.

Buncha Whores

In which John and Travis are offered a gig, sort of.

Steve’s Jungle Juice

In which Ian and Travis are told that Jungle Juice will get you drunk.