Review: Superego Podcast

I used to have a decently profitable sound studio with some of the latest and newest digital recording equipment. Had some pretty cool bands come in and record music and what not over the years. I even managed to keep out of the business of doing commercial work, like, you know, car dealership owners coming in and going on and on about their crazy deals. Never did any of that. Anyway, my cousin shows up having acquired a troop of spider monkeys. I think at some point he thought he thought he was gonna be a veterinarian or something. I don’t know why I let him talk me into these things, but we weren’t recording much at the time and he wanted to keep the monkeys in the studio for a while, which I guess made some sense since the booth was sound proof and padded. Anyway, it’s been about six months now and those damn monkeys are still there and my no-count cousin is nowhere to be found. Most of the bands don’t mind working in the booth with the monkeys there, but, you know, there’s only enough room in the world for one concept album that has monkeys screaming in the background. Helluva an album though. It is a helluva album.