Wiki: Jessica Hauser

Appears in Canto 1 of Sausage Rumaki — March 26, 2013

Review: Superego Podcast

In which we discover why Jessica‘s recording label stopped putting out albums.

Appears in Canto 13 of Untouchable — November 1, 2012

Unannounced Bounce

In which Jason is merciless.

Appears in Canto 12 of Untouchable

Four Story Elsa

In which Jess tries to toughen Jason up.

Appears in Canto 5 of Untouchable — October 31, 2012

Being Near the Famous

In which Jason thinks about the naming of things and talking to stars.

Appears in Canto 8 of Untouchable — October 30, 2012

She Wants to be a Cat

In which Jess informs Jason of the “reality” of his situation.

Appears in Canto 6 of Untouchable — October 29, 2012

Second to Last Square in Hopscotch

In which Jason and Elsa meet for the first time (no thanks to that meddling Jess).

Appears in Canto 3 of Untouchable

Happy Lucky Special Magic Fish

In which Jason purchases a fish which some claim to have strange powers.