Wiki: Animals

Appears in Canto 8 of Untouchable — October 30, 2012

She Wants to be a Cat

In which Jess informs Jason of the “reality” of his situation.

Appears in Canto 3 of Untouchable — October 29, 2012

Happy Lucky Special Magic Fish

In which Jason purchases a fish which some claim to have strange powers.

Appears in Canto 21 of A Low Cloud Reflex — October 27, 2012

And the Picture is Gone

In which the sky opens up.

Appears in Canto 16 of A Low Cloud Reflex — October 25, 2012

And He Will Not Be Named Bailey

In which Allen decides to get a dog—a dog he will never have.

August 13, 2008

I Only Wish It Was

In which Melissa discovers Absinthe’s one and only “talent.”

April 15, 2008

Much of Muchness

In which Travis wonders: Is there a spirit that will call me?

April 8, 2008

You’d Better Finish the Story

In which Travis sleeps, is rudely awakened, and thus contemplates his existence.

Appears in Canto 19 of A Low Cloud Reflex — February 25, 2007

Bailey is Not Bailey

In which Bailey is not adopted right away.

January 31, 2007


In which Absinthe checks on his territory.