Wiki: Haruko Takanara

Appears in Canto 22 of The Hunger Engine — December 23, 2012

Buzz and Whir

In which Haruko observes her little boy.

Appears in Canto 5 of The Hunger Engine — November 17, 2012

A Simple, Black Lunch Box

In which a very old lunch box becomes a spy.

Appears in Canto 2 of The Hunger Engine

Chance, Money and the Daemons

In which Haruko watches with curiosity at her little boy’s obsession.

Appears in Canto 12 of The Hunger Engine — November 13, 2012

A Torii

In which Joe remembers a time in the past with his mother once again by his side.

Appears in Canto 10 of The Hunger Engine — November 11, 2012

A Leopard Made of Two Men

In which Joe is confronted by a meddlesome rabble.