Wiki: The Engine

Appears in Canto 43 of The Hunger Engine — January 11, 2013

Alone But Not Alone

In which Joe calls out to the only things of strength he knows.

Appears in Canto 42 of The Hunger Engine

Sigils of the Heat

In which the Engine reveals to Joe that he may have a map after all.

Appears in Canto 38 of The Hunger Engine — January 5, 2013

A Calling, a Doorway, a Ratio

In which Joe leaves Walt to follow the voice of Beatrice to another doorway.

Appears in Canto 35 of The Hunger Engine — December 31, 2012

Forward into Darkness

In which Joe discovers a truth about Beatrice.

Appears in Canto 32 of The Hunger Engine — December 28, 2012

Entering the Maw

In which Joe tries to find his way out of total darkness and possibly madness.

Appears in Canto 8 of The Hunger Engine — November 2, 2012

Coffee and Visions

In which we learn of Joe’s relationship to a certain demolition machine.

Appears in Canto 6 of The Hunger Engine

A Life Punctuated by Alarms and Dreams

In which we first meet Joe Takanara; floating above the maw of the Machine.

Appears in Canto 4 of The Hunger Engine — November 1, 2012

Even the Sun

In which the Engine awakes in pieces and plots.

Appears in Canto 3 of The Hunger Engine

The Bees Dance, The Engine Watches

In which the Engine surveys her domain.

Appears in Canto 1 of The Hunger Engine

Unreal City

In which the Creature is first described.