Hal slept in the truck? As he was wont to do. And comfortably. Bright and early the next morning, Hal knocks on the door to the house. The innkeep arrives and says, “Good morning.”

With his hat in his hands and to his chest, Hal says, “If you would please, please let Mr.—uh—” and Hal has a moment to realize his error. He did not remember his patron’s name. “There’s a Japanese man staying with you?”

“Oh. Yes?”

“Please indicate to him that his driver is waiting. You needn’t hurry him; I’ll wait as long as he needs.”

“Sure. Are you with Lyft or Über?”

“What’s that now?”

The innkeep looks at Hal with mild puzzlement, and then smiles and says to Hal, “I’ll let him know.” However, just as the innkeep is about to turn away, Saito arrives on the scene, equipped for the day with a large backpack. “Haru!” he shouts.

Hal looks to the innkeep and the innkeep looks back. “Do you know what that means?” but the innkeep shrugs and says, “I don’t speak Japanese.” Hal turns to see Saito getting into the truck?—he turns to the innkeep again to say, “But then, how did he—” and he sees Saito put on his seatbelt and so waves goodbye to the innkeep and shouts, “I’ll have him back by ten!” He wanted his fellow businessmen to know that he was on the up and up and responsible and all of that.

The innkeep stands in the door for a moment, watching them go and says, “I don’t care.”